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Monkey Wellbeing food supplements and educational aids aim to build the confidence, knowledge, experience, health and wellbeing of primary-aged children.

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Branded with the unique Monkey Wellbeing character, Monkey supplements have been developed especially for children aged 3+.

Monkey Supplements

Monkey Storybooks and Educational Aids

Created by mother and former primary school teacher Helen Sadler, Monkey is an educational tool used to support and inform children and parents about hospital treatments and procedures. Its aim is to dispel misinformation and exaggerated fears via simple factual explanations, usually in story form, taking every opportunity to make things 'fun', light-hearted and easy to understand. To date, there are numerous Monkey marketing leaflets, information packs, activity books and 'freebies' circulating within hospitals, schools and doctors' surgeries.

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Helen's combined knowledge of child development and professional links with NHS clinicians and patient groups is central to Monkey's ability to produce targeted, cost-effective resources for NHS organisations, individual health professionals, schools and parents.

Helen is mother to Josephine, aged 4, and newborn Barnaby. She has over 10 years' experience in childcare as both an Early Years teacher and as a Nursery Nurse.